Durable Micro-fiber Film
Greater filter lifespan
With traditional filtration methods such as reverse osmosis (RO) and normally activated carbon filters, you have to replace the filter often. That’s hugely inconvenient. With our micro-fiber film, physical impurities get filtered on installation. This greatly extends the lifespan of the filter.
Filter blockage saved
The micro-fiber film filters sand, rust, silt and physical impurities in the water that could block the filters and reduce water flow. Our micro-fiber film ensures stable water flow and ensures peak filter efficiency.
More durable than PP film
With traditional PP films, you need regular cleaning and filter replacements as often as every three months. WATPURE’s technology is four times more durable than PP film. Our micro-fiber film offers optimum protection for the filter and extends its lifespan. Spend five minutes replacing our filter cartridge – then forget about it for a full year.
PureCrystal Disinfection Technology
No electricity needed, no wastewater discharged
Traditional water purification, such as UV disinfection, reverse osmosis or distillation, is electrically powered. Not only does this create noise but it also results in heavy wastewater discharge. With WATPURE filtration devices, you get optimum disinfection without electricity or wastewater discharge.
Removal of viruses and bacteria
WATPURE filtration can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from the water you drink. And PureCrystal Technology leaves no residue in the filtered drinking water, unlike traditional filtration techniques such as UV disinfection or simply boiling. These deactivate the bacteria, but won’t remove its residue from the water.
Tastes great
Other filtration techniques use a chemical agent. This greatly affects the way the water tastes. Over time, this agent will gradually affect your health, too. With PureCrystal Technology, you not only get pure water but also the delicious taste you’d forgotten about.
A better method than traditional technologies