WATPURE 全戶型淨水器
World-first innovation Triple-cartridge design
AQUAHEALTH whole house filtration system adopts an exclusive 360° triple-cartridge filter design, housed in contemporary stainless steel. Consisting of high-quality carbons, the cartridges can efficiently filter out volatile chemicals, heavy metals, pesticide, insecticide, and other toxins in the water, safeguarding your household’s water quality.
Comprehensively eliminates contaminants in water
In the book Healthy Water for a Longer Life written by American water expert Dr. Martin Fox, it is mentioned that there are three ways volatile chemicals may enter the body, about 1/3 are absorbed through oral intake, 1/3 are absorbed through the skin, and the remaining 1/3 enter the respiratory tract through inhalation. Therefore, it is not enough to install a drinking water filtration system to reduce the daily oral intake of contaminants, as 2/3 of the volatile chemicals could enter our body unknowingly through other routes and damage our health, especially when you are taking a shower. AQUAHEALTH can effectively remove harmful chlorine as well as other volatile chemicals from the water, allowing you to enjoy a healthy shower bath.
Clean thoroughly, eat confidently
Do you usually wash the ingredients and dishes directly with running water at home? The running water pipes have not been changed for many years, which may result in water leaks, scale deposits and rust buildup. Thus, the water that runs through these pipes may carry sediment, rust, heavy metals, and germs- which could be consumed easily via eating the food which has been previously processed with the contaminated water. Therefore, in addition to home drinking water filtration equipment, let AQUAHEALTH whole house filtration system be the guardian of your whole family’s health.
Extends the life of home appliances and clothing
In addition to filtering harmful substances in water, AQUAHEALTH can extend the service life of household appliances, since rust, sand and other impurities can easily cause damage to water appliances. Moreover, doing laundry with AQUAHEALTH can also prevent yellow stains and avoid fabric damages.
AQUAHEALTH Whole House Filtration System
Filter Cartridge
Approximate Flow Rate
37.8-45.36 L per min
Warranty (housing)
10 years
Warranty (accessories)
1 year
Housing Composition
Stainless Steel
Country of Origin
Housing Dimensions
35x35x106 (cm)