Experimenting, innovating, exceeding expectations
Nearly a century has passed since WATPURE began life as a pioneer in water filtration. Today, our innovative systems are unique in removing over 99% of contaminants from household water.
We’ll always continue to challenge the way people drink water. To keep experimenting, innovating and exceeding expectations for water drinking. Ultimately, water is the essence of life. And we want to make it perfect.
Safe, healthy, easy
We got into water filtration to help people access safe and healthy water freely and easily. That principle hasn’t changed. Years of research and experiments resulted in the unique MaglevCBS technology. This was the biggest breakthrough in water-filtration history. MaglevCBS combines the world’s most-advanced technology in one single filter cartridge.
This filtration performance is unbeatable in tackling heavy metals and harmful contaminants. It’s nothing short of a revolution that challenges traditional techniques and takes water-treatment technologies to a whole new level.
Beyond functionality
We’re pioneers in water filtration. That means we take every aspect of manufacture into consideration. We were the first to think beyond functionality and build beauty and craftsmanship into our products. Drinking water is a beautiful thing that should be part of an aesthetic lifestyle.
Enhancing taste
Traditionally, you drink water only for health reasons. But we believe you can also drink water for pleasure. So we work tirelessly to enhance the taste of water and produce products of the highest quality. We’re proud to have developed the first water-filtration device certified by NSF as having removed chloramine and toxic contaminants while preserving all healthy minerals.
A sustainable future
At WATPURE, we’re committed to a more-sustainable future. MaglevCBS technology needs no electricity and results in no wastewater. Securing sustainability is the ultimate solution for water pollution and a better living environment.