Grade 316 Stainless Steel Housing
Grade 316 stainless steel housing is designed for both versatility and additional contaminant reduction performance. Grade 316 is the highest quality of stainless steel that offers excellent tensile strength and has a corrosion resistance to avoid being (second) polluted. It is also commonly used in the surgical industry.
Finest British Accessories
Using green materials, John Guest toxic-free and pressure-resistant hoses certified by NSF are safety and durable to avoid contaminants/ pollution during water conveyance. John Guest is the premier manufacturer of high quality drinking water accessories.
A leader and a pioneer in push-in fittings and pipe and plastic plumbing systems, John Guest is the synonym of innovation and quality in the field.
Stainless Steel Ceramic Faucet
Dedicated faucets for water filters certified by NSF are flow control and have corrosion resistance.