Enrich Your Mouthfeel. WATPURE Taste Enhancer
During the Edo period (1603-1868), a precious ore containing deep-ocean minerals was found in Mount Louzen of Japan. The Japanese soon enjoyed its curative effects on the body. Today, it’s proven to absorb harmful ingredients in the water and release beneficial minerals into the water.
Deep-ocean minerals
The Taste Enhancer is a ceramic filter made of a precious ore containing deep-ocean minerals. We supply it as a pre-treatment that can be added onto our water-filtration system to enhance the pleasant taste and the sleek mouthfeel of filtered water.
With this rarely sourced additional filter, now you can enjoy the nutritious and tasty water that the Japanese have enjoyed for centuries.
Softer, smoother water
The Taste Enhancer creates purer, healthier water with a softer, smoother mouthfeel. This enhanced taste and feel will make you relish the desirable, delightful experience of drinking more water.
Taste Enhancer
10.2X1.7X0.3 (cm)
Country of Origin
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Model W filtration series