Pamper Yourself with the Best
Escape the stress of modern life
Long working hours, job deadlines and lack of quality sleep have become a pattern of modern life. So escape awhile with your own spa. Our Crystal Bath Ball can remove up to 100% of the harmful chlorine from your bath. Lie back, relax and unwind.
Luxurious home spa
Enjoy a luxurious spa in the comfort of your own home. Just drop the ball in the tub for about six minutes and your luxurious spa will be ready. Immersed in dechlorinated water, you’ll feel more relaxed and your skin will feel better and look younger. Pamper yourself – you deserve it.
Great for kids
The Crystal Bath Ball is perfect for kids and pets as their skin is delicate and vulnerable. Bathing in unfiltered water with chlorine, bacteria and heavy metal can damage their sensitive skin.
Crystal Bath Ball
Exterior Material
Filter Media
Approximate Capacity
200 Baths/ 1 year
Soaking time
5~8 min
13x12.5 (cm)
Country of Origin