Privacy Policy

Thank you for using this service.

In order to let you use the content of the service with confidence, and provide quality customer service to you, WATPURE respects and protects the privacy of users.

To ensure your rights, please read this privacy policy in detail.

  1. Coverage

    This Privacy Policy applies to your personal data collection, processing, use and protection practices in the use of the service and the website. You do not have to provide personal information in accordance with WATPURE ‘s requirements, but if you choose not to provide it, WATPURE can not provide you with products or services in many cases, or not be able to respond to your questions.

  2. Collection, processing and utilization of personal data
    1. Purpose of data collection
      1. Consumer, customer management and service
      2. Internet shopping and other e-commerce services
        1. Credit card information
        2. Electronic signature
      3. Advertising or commercial activity management
      4. Certificate Identify individuals. For example: name, job title, address, phone number, mobile phone, account number applied for online platform, e-mail address, account, password, certificate number, etc.
      5. The identification in the government data. For example: the ID card number.
      6. Personal description. For example: age, gender, date of birth, etc.
      7. Leisure activities and interests. For example: hobbies, sports and other interests.
      8. Life style. For example: the types of product that you used and the details of the service, the consumption patterns of individuals or households.
      9. Current employment situation. For example: employer, job title, etc.
    2. Method of application

      WATPURE provides the following services and special purposes in the operating area, in the form of your consent or contractual relationship, and also in compliance with the personal information protection law, we collect, process, utilize, and store the data, including but not limited to the first point above.

      1. Improve and enhance our products and services
      2. Member services
      3. Community website and application services
      4. Marketing activities
      5. Data investigation activities
      6. Corporate social responsibility activities
    3. The Company will only use the personal data you provide for the above specific purposes, except in the following cases:
      1. Required by the judiciary or other competent authority based on legal procedures
      2. Used for other purposes with your written consent
      3. Others comply with personal data protection law
  3. Share your personal information with the third parties
    1. Third parties:

      The company will entrust professional third parties, such as freight companies, banks, public relations and marketing companies, and security companies, to conduct such services and activities according to actual needs. Therefore, it is necessary for the third parties to contact, handle or utilize your relevant personal information and bank or credit card information. The collection, processing or utilization of your personal data by the third party is regarded as the collection, processing or utilization of your personal data by WATPURE.

    2. For the purposes of law or protection:

      We will disclose and share your personal data to the third parties if any of the following is required to comply with legal requirements or for security purposes:

      1. When necessary to comply with the requirements of the statute, the competent authority or the judicial authority, or to protect the legal request, defense, or to prevent fraud or to investigate other illegal acts.
      2. To the extent permitted by law, in order to protect the rights, property and safety of the Company, our third parties or the public from harm.
  4. Cross-border transmission

    When you use our products or services, or transmit your information to us, your personal data may be cross-border transmitted, stored, processed, and utilized between our affiliated companies and service providers in each country.

  5. Self-protection measures

    The mainframes of this website are equipped with information security devices such as firewalls and anti-virus systems to protect your personal information and websites, and only authorized officer can access your personal information.

  6. Cookie Policy

    We use cookies to let our website server identify your computer related records. Only when you agree to stay logged in or every time you log in, the company can use cookies to personally correspond to you. Most browsers are preset to be cookies, but you can also choose to refuse cookies. You can choose to modify the browser's acceptance of cookies in the browser's settings, including accepting all cookies, getting notifications when setting cookies, and rejecting all cookies.

  7. Privacy issue

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy or how your personal data is handled, please contact us. WATPURE will review the relevant content and reply to you as soon as possible.